In my imaginary life I had a blog and stayed up late nights to do it. In my imaginary life I was a really good blogger and I had interesting things to say all the time. And sometimes even funny things too. At some point my imaginary life became my pretend life. I started pretend blogging at night. After my daughter and husband went to sleep, after I had done my nightly ritual of worrying obsessively about the state of my finances and about weather or not I am thinking of enough interesting things during my spare time or whether or not I am crafty enough to make my own cloths or hard core enough to make my own soap and will my daughter admire me if I am neither crafty or hard core. But I didn’t actually have a blog. Just a word document called blog. But when 2010 hit and I heard that 2012 might be the year that the earth is destroyed because the planets will be aligned and the Mayan calendar stops, I figured I better make a real blog. So here it is. Welcome. My first few postings have been cut and pasted from my pretend blog but after that it is real blogging all the way to 2012 and who knows, maybe even beyond.